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    Boardsock Creatures


    A boardsock is quite literally a sock for your surfboard. This gives your board a light protection and helps prevent discolouration from sun exposure. It is very handy to use when transporting your surfboard in the car or on the bike. A boardsock will also protect you and your car seats against wax. It’s a win-win situation for all!

    Our boardsocks come in a spectrum of colours and sizes - from shortboards to longboards. There is also a variety of thicknesses and materials to choose from. Check out the Boardsocks from Roxy, Creatures and FCS.

    Prefer a stronger protection? Check out our light boardbags, day use boardbags or travel bags.

    Not sure which boardbag you need? Check out our Boardbags Guide here. Here you will find all the descriptions of your options, alongside their advantages and disadvantages.

    For expert advice, or just an honest opinion, you can always ask us a question via the website or visit one of our shops!

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