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    Car Accessories

    Car accessories

    For surfers who go the extra mile to reach their surf spots by car, we have various car accessories at your disposal. Do you like to keep your wetsuit on while you drive home, but not a fan of a soggy or sandy car seat? Then check out the Northcore Double Carseat Cover for a clean and dry car seat!

    Would you rather not stash your house or car keys before your surf session? Then store your keys in a key safe, which is opened with a code and can be attached to your car door. This makes sure your won’t lose your keys in the water! Take a look at the key safes from Creatures and Northcore.

    Who doesn’t like the fresh scent when entering a car? Then take a look at our air fresheners from the well-known wax brand, Sex Wax! These come in a variety of scents, that you are sure to find one that your senses fancy.

    Are you looking for soft racks to transport your surfboard on top of your car? Then check out our range of surf racks here and live every surfer’s dream!

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