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    Hart Beach events

    There is always something to celebrate, especially on the beach! That's why, in addition to the best outings for companies and individuals, we also organise our own Hart Beach events. In our agenda you will find all the current events that we have planned for the coming period. Are you looking for tips for Scheveningen, then you can always view this page or follow us on social media.

    Tips Scheveningen

    In addition to the events on the holidays, we also organise fun parties, sports days and afternoon activities on the beach every year. We plan these as far in advance as possible, but sometimes they arise spontaneously because the weather forecast looks good. In summer we have an Open Air Cinema, ROXY Fitness events and in winter we have nice (free) parties and spontaneous evenings full of music and fun. Parties like you're used to at Hart Beach. If you want to make sure you don't miss any great events, subscribe to our newsletter or keep an eye on our Facebook events.

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