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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Hart Beach started small, as a part of nature & surf and we grew our business by respecting and loving our environment and people. We integrate this into our business processes, services and products and educating our staff and suppliers on this theme is one of the core values of Hart Beach.

    When you visit the Hart Beach Surf restaurant you can expect that we buy our products locally, as much as possible and we cook based on the season.
    Our coffee is of course fair trade and you will not find any single use plastic on our terrace. On the wine menu you'll find mainly organic wines, which we find even tastier!

    Hart Beach organises kids surf camps every year! Next to surfing and having fun with the sea, we also educate the kids about the sea and we try to make them aware of their environment. Beach cleanup is a fun activity, active and makes a direct difference. We offer this to companies and team outing as a group activity and we see more and more that this gets integrated as a part of a healthy and aware lifestyle.

    Hart Beach is by, from and with people! By working together with organisations as Surf & Durf (an organisation that gives surf therapy to kids and youth who need help with developing their social-emotional skills), we try to contribute to society in a positive way.

    Our surf shops offer a broad selection of durable/organic clothing and swimwear like board shorts made of recycled plastic bottles or wetsuits made of honest neoprene. When we have the option, we will buy in durable products!

    Hart Beach is anchored at the beach of Scheveningen and from our surf pavilion that is opened 365 days a year, we make use of the sea and the nature around us and we are very grateful for this. We want to take good care of our environment and the people who live in it and that's why we are proud to have the Green Key Gold Label.

    From June 2020 we have the Golden Green Key. Green Key is the biggest sustainability label for the tourist and recreation industry in The Netherlands

    See you at the beach!

    Click here to read more about what Green Key is and read our statement.

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