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    SUP Rentals 

    A trendy water sport that not so long ago made a real advance: Stand Up Paddle boarding (also called SUP or supping)! Lovely relaxed in the water on days when the waves are not too high. Instead of lying down, you go standing on a large "surfboard" through the water with a paddle in your hand to move around. If you want to go into the water with a SUP board yourself, you will always get good equipment with you!

    16 years old and up

    Book a lesson and receive rental credit!

    From now on, when booking surf and skate lessons, you'll receive rental credit. We're excited to support you in your surfing adventure. With this rental credit, you can rent all the equipment you need to keep the stoke going! The rental credits can be used for surfboards, wetsuits, skateboards and accessories at our surf school.
    Please note that children are only allowed to rent their surf gear under adult supervision.

    Book a lesson


    At Hart Beach we work with fixed starting rates, after which an extra fee is added every 15 minutes or hour. You can pay after you've lined up and hand in all your stuff. So you never pay too much in advance, but exactly for the time that you use the stuff.


    Steel abs! Would you like to have a nice SUP session in the North Sea? We'll hook you up with gear:

     1st Hour       

     15 min extra

     SUP             € 10,-  € 1,25
     Wetsuit  € 5,50  € 0,75

    For rentals you can always go to the surf school, our surf crew is always ready to help you get your gear!


    If you go on the water with a SUP, you will get a ROXY or Quiksilver inflatable SUP or a big BIC SUP hard top. Part of our partnership with ROXY and Quiksilver is our large collection of SUP boards from these brands. They are beautiful soft boards, which we inflate with a special pump and therefore have a very good buoyancy. On the top is a large "pad" so you keep a good grip with your feet and do not slide out. At the front there is a small net where you can clench things underneath. A SUP board is suitable for one person.

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