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    Schools surf activity scheveningen for students



    We offer schools with young people in all age categories the opportunity to organize a sports day, school trip or sports orientation program. Whether you come for a series of golf surfing lessons or a sports day full of sports activities, success is guaranteed! At Hart Beach you can organize your tailor-made school outing, we are happy to help you out with that!

    Hart Beach is a surf school with over 50 years of experience in teaching children, young people and adults. We offer beach and water activities all year round. Our location is fully equipped to make your day at the beach pleasant, sporty and smooth.

    Our facilities:

    ✔️ Separated changing rooms and toilets
    ✔️ Storage space for clothes and bags
    ✔️ Lockers for valuables
    ✔️ Restaurant with terrace

    Would you like more info or a want to request a quote? Click on the button below or get in contact with our staff at the office by calling or sending us an e-mail.

    Email Surf School

    +31 (0) 70 350 25 91 *Surf School

    Wave Surfing lesson block

    In this program, students receive constructive lessons in a block of 4 weeks. The curriculum is designed in such a way that students ultimately have much more knowledge and skills about surfing. If it happens that there are no waves, it is decided in consultation with the teacher to go Paddle boarding, skate longboarding or transpose the lesson. This will be discussed during the series of lessons:

    1. Independently catch a wave in the water and get up
    2. Braking and getting of safely
    3. Participate in the surf lesson in a safe way

    1. Take the current into account and stay in the correct position in the water
    2. Surf straight to the beach
    3. Taking into account the surf rules and safety in the water

    1. Independently choose a safe surf spot
    2. Through the waves by means of express and / or turtle roll
    3. Reading the basis of unbroken waves
    4. Steering, bottom turn, surfing down the line

    1. Paddle out in the right place and get through the surf
    2. Catch unbroken waves and surf down the line to the left and right

    In addition to our specialty surfing, we also offer skate longboarding, power kiting, Hart Beach expedition, beach / foot volleyball on sports days and school trips.

    To top it off, this can be combined with food:

    - Packed lunch €12,50 each
    - Satay BBQ menu €15,90 each
    - Hart Beach BBQ €18,90 each
    - Hamburgers with fries €11,50 each

    Do you want more information or request a free quote? Click on the button below or contact the surf school by phone or e-mail, they will be happy to help you!

    Email Surf School

    +31 (0) 70 350 25 91 *Surf School

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