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    Grip Pads

    Roxy Deux Solid Tail Pad - Roxy
    € 39.00 for € 29.25
    Gorilla Kick
    € 46.00
    Grip pads

    Hey you, get a grip!

    When you finally catch a wave, of course you’d like to stay on your board as long as possible. Therefore, a good grip is important. Wax already gives you a lot of grip, but you can never be sure enough. For real good grip, there are grip pads, also known as traction pads. There are two different types of grip pads: tail pads and front pads. Tail pads for your back foot and front pads for your front foot. A tail pad lies on the end of your board and has a kick and an arch. These are bulges in the middle and end of the grip pad where your foot receives more support, and thus more grip. A front pad provides more support through the material and texture. Whether you should buy a front pad or tail pad depends entirely on personal preference, so we'll leave this to you!

    Grip pads come in multiple parts (between 1 and 5), which makes them fit on almost every surfboard. Regarding front pads it’s important to choose the right traction, or texture. This differs per brand, so check the range in our webshop here. Or visit our shop for personal advice or explanation. Also, check out our Grip Pad Guide, where the different types of traction pads are explained more thoroughly.

    Don't destroy what you came to enjoy

    Grip pads are generally made with Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Nowadays, there are greener options on the market following the motto: 'Don't destroy what you came to enjoy'. For example, the brand Slater Design has made grip pads from algae and Creatures uses Eco Pure technology, which makes their grip pads biodegradable

    Furthermore, looks are also important and a grip pad plays a role in this. Check here our wide range of grips pads, including brands such as Dakine, Hayden, Gorilla en Octopus. Maybe no grip on life, but at least on your surfboard!

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