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    Wetsuits Billabong



    For Men, Women and Kids

    Suit up!

    Wetsuits, made of neoprene, were created to keep your body warm in the water. The wetsuit retains a layer of water between you and the neoprene that heats up through your body heat. Neoprene has an insulating effect due to the closed air cells it contains. The thicker the neoprene is, the more air cells and thus the more insulation. Pretty straightforward no? The thickness you need depends on the water temperature in which you are going to surf. Not sure what thickness of neoprene you need for your regular surf spot or vacation spot? Check out our Wetsuit Guide with a handy table!

    The construction of a wetsuit consists of, among other things, the zip, seaming and lining. These differences affect the warmth, comfort and flexibility of a wetsuit. Our rule of thumb is: You pay for warmth and comfort. If you want to know all about the differences, click here, where we explain it all for you! In terms of quality, all brands are equal to each other. However, every brand has different technologies. Check out our wide range here including the brands Rip Curl, C-Skins, Xcel and O'Neill.

    In addition to the correct thickness of the neoprene, the fit of the wetsuit is also essential. If the wetsuit is too large, cold water will continue to flow into it, causing it to lose its basic function. On the flip side, if the wetsuit is too small, you limit the freedom of movement during your surf session. The wetsuit sizes are comparable to clothing sizes. And as with clothing sizes, it can vary in brand. To find the right fit, we always say: fit, fit, fit! Can't get out (or in)? Then come and visit us in the surf shop where we are happy to help and advise you on a good neoprene!

    It is also important to properly maintain your wetsuit. We've got you covered on that too with a 'How to treat your neoprene' guide here that explains it all. This way you can enjoy your wettie the longest - for who doesn’t want that?

    The Thicknesses

    A 2 mm wetsuit is suitable for temperatures above 20 degrees
    A 3 mm wetsuit is suitable for temperatures above 16 degrees
    A 4 mm wetsuit is suitable for temperatures above 12 degrees
    A 5 mm wetsuit is suitable for temperatures above 6 degrees
    A 6 mm wetsuit is suitable for temperatures below 6 degrees

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