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    Buy a surfskate

    Do you want to improve your surf skills, but the waves are flat? Then the surfskate is the answer! This skateboard can be surfed on the street and helps you to bring your surf to a higher level.

    The surfskate has a specially designed front truck with a rotating arm that gives you the freedom to make larger and more fluid turns. By this movement you build up speed with 'pumping' so you no longer have to step, like with a longboard or skateboard. This brings you closer to the surf feeling. Not in the water, but right at your doorstep.

    Your weight, height and experience influence the choice of the surfskate that suits you. In principle, the larger you are, the larger the deck must be, just like with a surfboard. Check out our blog that helps you find your perfect size.

    If you are just starting out with surf skating, buy a board that gives a bit more stability. For this, the surfskates from the brands Mark Richard, Long Island or Landyachtz are the perfect choice. With these boards, the rotating arm is more comparable to a classic kingpin truck of a skateboard and therefore more stable. This gives you a good introduction to surf skating. If you are not yet completely confident in your own skills and would like someone to guide you step-by-step, check out our surfskate lessons!

    For the real pros, we have the Smoothstar, YOW & Carver surfskates, which also have cool collaborations with pro surfers like Medina, Toledo and Christenson. These skates have the largest rotating arm and are therefore perfect for shortboarders to practice radical blow-outs and cut-backs.

    Are you now ready to shred the asphalt, come and visit our store or order your surfskate through our website!

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