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    skateboard rental scheveningen den haag

    Skateboard rentals 

    If you want to spend an afternoon cruising along the boulevard on a longboard, choose one of our performance skateboards or longboards. For skateboard rental you can go to our surf school from 8:30 till sunset. There is always an employee who will be happy to explain to you what is available for rent and how everything works.

    Book a lesson and receive rental credit!

    From now on, when booking surf and skate lessons, you'll receive rental credit. We're excited to support you in your surfing adventure. With this rental credit, you can rent all the equipment you need to keep the stoke going! The rental credits can be used for surfboards, wetsuits, skateboards and accessories at our surf school.
    Please note that children are only allowed to rent their surf gear under adult supervision.

    Book a lesson


    You always pay with us afterwards, so you can be sure you don't pay too much. This is always done with a fixed starting rate, after which a surcharge is added every 15 minutes/hour. Always ask our surf crew which board suits your level best. If desired, you can also get protection!


    Rip, dip, slide and cruise... That will be a wonderful stay on the boulevard of Scheveningen.

     1st hour

     15 min extra

    Skateboard  €7,-  €1,25

    For rentals you can always go to the surf school, our surf crew is always ready to help you get your gear!

    Meet Quiksilver

    We are proud partners of Quiksilver, ROXY & DC, that's why we have a nice collection of skate-longboards of Quiksilver in our surf school. The surf brand has a special skate branch under the name DC and knows better than anyone what good skate material is and what it takes to train your technique the best. Depending on your level, you can choose a board with a large drop through deck or one with a so-called "kicktail". The larger the deck of the board, the more stable your position will be. With a kicktail on the other hand, you can steer more easily and perform some fun tricks.


    Do you want to train your surfing technique or are you already a more experienced boarder, then we have nice Smoothstar boards for rent. These are shorter "kicktail" boards and are not only ideal for intermediate or advanced boarders, also beginners can handle a Smoothstar. Some of these boards have so-called "loose trucks" where the mechanism of the wheels is flexible and you can use the skate-longboard as a real surfboard.

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