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    Surf Wax

    Let’s talk about wax, baby!

    Waxing not only provides grip but is also the ultimate bonding moment with your surfboard. Waxing is love. It is important that you apply a new layer of wax to a clean surfboard. Check here the wax removers that will help you make your surfboard strip completely naked.

    When you wax your board you need two different types of wax: a base coat and a top coat. If you're not sure where to wax, check out our wax guide that explains all deck zones. The base coat is the hardest wax that exists and goes directly on your surfboard. This ensures that the top coat adheres well to the board. The most essential thing when choosing your top coat is the water temperature you are surfing in. At cold water temperatures you choose a soft wax, and at warmer water temperatures, opt for a harder one. If you don't know which one to get, check with our staff in the shop! You can choose between the brands Sex Wax, Sticky Bumps or Fu-wax. Waxes can be combined with each other, but experience has taught us that it is down to which wax you prefer personally. Not sure what to choose? Get a Sex Wax package, or a Sticky Bumps package and you'll be prepared for all eventualities.

    First, apply the base coat in lines, lengthwise and widthwise. After you've done this evenly, do the same with your top coat. Then draw diagonal lines with your top coat and finish in circles. The circling will create humps and bumps of wax that will provide the grip you need. Besides, small channels will be created that drain the water and won’t let you slip when surfing. You don't have to wax your board every time before you go into the water. However, if you think a change of wax is in order, we recommend scraping off the wax with a Sex Wax wax comb or a Northcore bamboo wax comb and applying a new coat before your session. When the wax has turned completely brown, it's time to renew the layer!

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