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    Womens Wetsuits

    Hurley AIR 3/2 - Dames wetsuit
    € 239.95 for € 215.96
    Hurley PLUS PRINTED 3/2MM - Dames wetsuit
    € 344.95 for € 310.46
    Roxy Prologue 5/4/3 GBS - Womens Wetsuit
    € 210.00 for € 126.00
    Wallien One Piece Swimsuit Longsleeve
    € 129.00 for € 77.40
    ONeill hyperfreak 2/1.5mm shorty
    € 126.95 for € 114.26

    Womens Wetsuits

    Wetsuits come in all shapes and sizes, just like us. It is important to choose the right thickness of neoprene. The thickness you need depends on the water temperature in which you are going to surf. If you are not sure what thickness you should have, check out our ultimate Wetsuit Guide with a handy table. In the Netherlands, a 4/3 mm wetsuit from April to October is sufficient. If you are cold, you can dress up the wetsuit with a cap, gloves and boots. In winter a 5 mm wetsuit is really necessary, especially if you get cold quickly!

    NOTE: Wetsuits are not unisex! This is because wetsuits must have a snug fit to your body. The wetsuit retains a layer of water between your body and the neoprene. Neoprene has an insulating effect due to the closed air cells. Your body temperature warms up this layer of water and the neoprene retains that heat. Women's wetsuits are made to female shapes and thus fit better. If you have a wetsuit that is too large, you will get cold faster. Therefore, it is important that the fit is good. To find out, there's only one thing you can do: fit! fit! fit!

    There are different variations in wetsuits. This has everything to do with the construction of the wetsuit. There are differences in the zip, seams and lining. Do you want to know all the differences? Read it here! But in principle the following rule applies: You pay for warmth and comfort. For example, we have the entry-level segment with the Roxy Prologue or the C-Skins Element. If you're looking for more warmth, check out the Rip Curl Flash Bomb or O'Neill Epic. If you want to maintain warmth and flexibility, the C-Skins Rewired is for you! Whatever you’re looking for, there is the right wetsuit for everyone. Are you stuck? Then step into our surf shop and the world of wetsuits! We are happy to help and advise you here. Not in the area? Feel free to send us a WhatsApp, email or call our webshop employees.

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