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    Robie Chaging robe
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    Rip Curl Poncho jas
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    Surf Ponchos

    Everyone has clumsily changed with a towel on the beach. Just such a task that requires multiple hands. Or a surf poncho! A surf poncho provides you the easiest before and after surf experience. The perfect trifecta, it is part towel, part clothing and part changing room! This way, you will never be surprised in your bare buttocks on the beach when the wind comes out to play, and you lack one hand. You can even wear it home, no questions asked or eyes raised! Want to make changing anywhere possible? Check out the Hurley, Roxy, Vissla or Billabong brands.

    Most surf ponchos come in one size and therefore fit all shapes and sizes. However, there are small differences between surf ponchos worth knowing when making the final choice. Firstly, surf ponchos across brands come in diverse colours and patterns to satisfy the eyes. When it comes to material, they are most commonly sold in microfiber or cotton with polyester as an alternative option. Which material you go for is based mostly on personal preference and use. Micro-fibre is lightweight and easy to carry if you travel far or often, it also generally dries faster. This proves very handy if you don't want to be walking around with a large wet towel. Sounds perfect for you? Then the Slowtide brand surf ponchos are right for you. On the flip side, cotton ponchos are thicker and warmer, especially for those cold surf sessions. Although, they are consequently heavier to take around with you. For the real Dutch storm days - something all locals are familiar with, the brands WaveHawaii and Rip Curl have made a surf poncho with a wind stopper.

    While called a ‘surf poncho’, it is ideal for all beach lovers and comfort-going enthusiasts out there, no one left behind!

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