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    Hart Beach Surfcamps Information

    Surf, Skate, Beachgames & Good Food!

    On this page you can find all the ins and outs about the Hart Beach surfcamps. We will start with some general information and end with a few frequently asked questions.
    If you still have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us!

    Hart Beach is open all year round. We offer surfcamps for Grommet (6 to 12 years old) and Young Guns (12 to 16 years old) on holidays. For the Grommets we also have one-day surfcamps on days that schools are closed.

    Hart Beach Quiksilver Surfschool is located on Scheveningen beach. During the surfcamps you'll find us at the designated surfcamp spot in the Hart Beach theater. We have toilets, showers, changing rooms, (indoor) protected areas and boxes where the kids can leave their belongings.

    Drop-off and pick-up:

    09:00 - 09:30 Drop-off
    16:30 - 17:00 Pick-up
    *On Wednesday's and Friday's we have a certificate ceremony & BBQ/Pizza Party at 17:00. Brothers, sisters and friends are welcome to join and can sign up for the barbecue when they register their kid(s) for the camp. Grommets who subscribed for a 5 days surfcamp, are going to improve their surf skills further on Thursday and Friday in a newly formed group.

    Young Guns
    09:30 - 10:00 Gather 
    17:00 - 17:30 Finished

    Prices Surf Camp

    1 day | €95,- * Incl. €15 Rental Credits (only available on specific dates)
    2 days | €185,- * Incl. €20 Rental Credits
    3 days | €245,- * Incl. €30 Rental Credits
    5 days | €385,- * Incl. €40 Rental Credits

    Young Guns
    3 days | €245,- * Incl. €30 Rental Credits
    5 days | €385,- * Incl. €40 Rental Credits

    Payment should be fulfilled before the start date of the camp. We also ask you to sign a ‘waiver’ for every participating kid. These are the terms and conditions of Hart Beach Surfschool.

    What should you bring?
    • Swim-wear and a towel
    • Extra t-shirt
    • Warm sweater
    • Refill water bottle
    • Closed shoes (for skate-longboarding)
    • Big Smile :-)!

    What is included in a surfcamp?

    • Surf lessons
    • Daily use of our surfboards and wetsuits
    • Guidance from our instructors throughout the whole camp
    • Snacks and drinks throughout the day
    • Varied lunch for each of the days
    • Other activities (skateboarding, beach games, indo boarding, etc)
    • Quiksilver Hart Beach T-shirt & bracelet
    • Grommets: BBQ/Pizza Party on Wednesday or Saturday from 17:00 onwards

    Food & drinks
    Every day we will have lunch together in the whole group at long tables. There will be brown & white bread with a variety of different toppings (cheese, ham, peanut butter, or something sweet). We’ll also have a tasty treat, and there will always be fruit at the table. Throughout the day there will be water for the kids, and we will be making sure to remind them to drink enough. In the afternoon there will also be lemonade and a snack (watermelon, fruit, cookies, or ice cream). Any special dietary requirements can be filled in on the booking form at medical info when you book a camp.

    What does the surf program look like?
    We’ll start off every day with a nice warming-up, putting on wetsuits, and the safety instructions and theory section as laid out by the International Life Saving Program. After that, the kids, with the help from our certified instructors, will each take their surfboard to the water to catch some real waves! We won’t be going too deep into the sea, but a swimming certificate is required !! We’re also assuming the kids aren’t afraid to get wet.

    Is surfing safe for young kids?
    Of course we understand the parental concerns. Safety is our number one priority! All of our instructors are certified with a first-aid and lifeguard certificate and have experience working with children. During the surf lessons we use ‘softtops’, which are less hard than normal boards, but still perfect to learn how to surf. We do this to ensure the safety of everyone. We won’t be going deep in the sea and the kids will be learning to surf on hip or knee-high waves, where they can still stand. But as we said, a swimming certificate is required. During the surf lesson, all kids will use a Quicksilver wetsuit, to make sure they stay nice and warm and all sizes of wetsuits are available. Of course you can also bring your own wetsuit if you have one, but there won’t be a discount for this on the surfcamp. You can also bring your own surfboard after it has been deemed safe enough by the supervisors.

    What about the crew?
    Our camp team consists of a camp-leader, a group of supervisors and surf instructors that have first-aid and lifeguard certifications. There will always be supervision with each surf group, as well as extra help on the beach to take pictures, set up games, and chat with the kids when they can’t or don’t want to surf anymore. Of course we also have our great chefs in the kitchen who prepare all the food and drinks. The contact person before, after and during the camps is the camp-leader Diederik Voskamp.

    How are the groups formed?
    Surf experience isn’t necessary! We try to base the surf groups on age and experience as much as possible. We’ll also take into account any requests from parents asking if friends or siblings can or can not be in groups with one another. Sometimes, if the difference in age or experience is big, this won’t be possible and we ask for your understanding, should this situation occur. If there really is a mismatch in the group, let’s discuss it and find a solution! Children who are coming alone - no worries! Our supervisors will always make sure that they get a warm welcome into the group.

    Waiting list


    When signing up your kids for a surf camp, first choose a start date in the booking form. If the dat your choose turns RED, it means if fully booked. When the startdate turn BLUE, there are still places available.
    Keep an eye on the date overview on this page! When a date is fully booked, we will mention this behind the date. We will keep the page updated as much as possible.

    Is a camp full? Bummer! fill in this form to place your kids on the waiting list. If a spot opens up, we will get in contact with you.

    Surfcamp Dates

    Click the button below voor an overview of all Grommet (6-12) surfcamp dates.

    Surfcamp Dates

    Are your kids between 12 & 16 years old? Click the button below for the Young Guns Surf Camp dates.

    Surf Camp Dates

    Any other questions about our surf camps? Send us an email at [email protected].

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