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    Contact Surf school

    You will find Hart Beach Surfschool in our pavilion on the Noorderstrand in Scheveningen, close to the Harbour Head and the Fishermen's Auction.


    Surf school
    Strandweg 3b
    2586JK Scheveningen
    +31 (0) 70 350 25 91
    [email protected]

    Opening hours

    Mo - Sa 8.30 - sunset
    Su 9.00 - sunset

    ** Always check the current opening hours at the surf school.

    Public transport

    From The Hague Central Station: tram 16 (Stop: Prins Mauritslaan)


    From Hollands Spoor: tram 11 (Stop: Vuurbaakstraat)


    From The Hague centre: tram 1 (Stop: Duinstraat)



    There is paid parking on the boulevard right in front of Hart Beach or at Parking Noordelijk Havenhoofd. In the so-called second harbour (parking zone 2268) there is free parking up to 18:00 which is approximately a 10 minute walk.

    During the summer season from 1 March to 31 October we advise you to park at the so-called Visafslag at the first and second harbour. Click the button below for more information on parking in Scheveningen.

    For more information on parking fees in Scheveningen, please click the button below.

    Parking Scheveningen

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