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    Improve your surf skills

    Hart Beach Surf Coaching

    Hart Beach Surf Coaching is a programme which helps you to improve your surf skills to the next level. With Surf Coaching we offer personal coaching to the intermediate and advanced surfer.
    €160,00 (4 lessen)

    incl. € 35,00 rental credit

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    1,5 uur surf coaching (incl. materiaal), Surfskate training, Video analyse, Surf theorie, Surf workouts & 10% korting op Quiksilver/ Roxy wetsuits
    When? Every Saturday
    Time: 10:00 - 11:30
    Location: Hart Beach Surf School
    Skills needed
    Able to paddle out, catch waves by yourself & surf down the line a little bit

    Price € 160,00 (4 lessons)
    incl. € 25,00 rental credit
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    Your mission is our mission

    Hart Beach Surf Coaching is a new programme which helps you to improve your surf skills to the next level. With Surf Coaching we offer personal coaching to the intermediate and advanced surfer.

    Our highly trained surf coaches will help you to get better through video analysis, personal tips, surf theory, surf workouts and Smoothstar (skate) trainings. We will help you to understand your surfing better and will point out the skills which you can improve.

    Hart Beach Surf Coaching takes place every saturday. No waves, no problem! On flat days we will do surf workouts on the beach and balance & paddle trainings in the water. We will analyse the video’s of previous session or will train with our Smoothstars. We will also train with our Smoothstars, and video analysis. A Smoothstar is a special designed skateboard that imitates perfectly the feeling of being on a surfboard. So the skills you train on a Smoothstar will also help you on your surfboard.

    Hart Beach Surf Coach

    Improve your skills!

    When you start surfing, you make a lot of progress in the beginning. That’s the easy part! The real challenge begins when you start paddling out for the green unbroken waves in the back.
    Are you tired of falling and nose diving all the time and not knowing why. Do you go left instead of right on waves, because you find it hard to read the waves? Or do you want to learn new moves and improve your old ones? Hart Beach Surf Coaching is made for these situations. 

    All professional surfers have surf coaches, which says it all. If you want to keep improving and get better, sign up for our new surf coaching program. 

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