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    It's all about fun!

    Surf, Skate, beach games & good food

    Surflesson & beach games

    Surf & Fun

    Professional Guidance

    Cool & Fun Surf Crew


    Food and drinks


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    Want to learn how to surf on the best surf spot of the Benelux? At the Grommet surf camp surfing and having fun are key! We will be outside on the beach every day and have our base behind the surfschool on a covered terrace.

    The participants are Grommets of 6 - 12 year old. Every group will be introduced to surfing, longboarding and beachgames in their own tempo. For over 25 years we organise these camps and create the coolest surf adventures with kids from all over the region. Come join us!

    1 day | €85,-
    2 days | €165,-
    3 days | €220,-
    5 days | €350,-


    Lessons, food & fun

    What's included?

    Daily use of our surfboards and wetsuits 

    Guidance from our instructors throughout the whole camp 

    Snacks, drinks and lunch every day.

    Other activities (beach games, skate, indoboarding)

    Quiksilver Hart Beach wristband & T-shirt

    Grommets 2, 3 & 5 dagen: BBQ on Wednesday or Friday from 17:00

    • The surf spot of the Benelux

      Our surf school is located right in front of the best surf spot in the Benelux. All year round, you can enjoy the waves here.
    • Surf safely

      Safety always comes first! All our instructors are certified and have a lifeguard diploma.
    • Part of the family

      Our surf crew is one big happy family of which you will become a part of as soon as you come here to surf.
    • Booking

      Thanks to our system you can easily book your own lesson, we always have room. You will also always receive an email and SMS about the status of your booked lesson.

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