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    Surf sex wax



    Before you can start shredding huge barrels, there’s a few things you need. Most importantly, you need a surfboard. Other necessities include a leash, fins, grip pads and wax. When you have acquired these things, you are ready to search the world for the perfect wave!


    There’s a huge variety of surfboards. These come in different shapes and sizes. Hart Beach offers several models, including longboards, shortboards, mini malibu’s, fish surfboards, soft tops and beginners boards. These come in sizes ranging from 5’10 shortboards to 10’0 longboards. We have surfboards for all types of waves and levels!


    Surfboards are quite vulnerable and good protection is therefore essential to protect yours. A board bag is nothing more than a bag for your surfboard. When you are travelling by car or airplane, don’t forget to pack your board carefully. The size of the bag depends on the size of your board; the thickness of the bag depends on how your are travelling. Board bags come in different models, with or without wheels, for one or multiple boards. Hart Beach has a board bag for every type of board and preference!

    Balance boards

    As the word implies, a balance board helps you train your balance. However, this is not its only use. A balance board also trains your strength and endurance. The combination of this results in a stronger core, and therefore increases the quality of your surf sessions. But beware! When you fall, you’ll fall on land and not in the water.

    Surf accessoires

    Don’t forget your surf accessories! Leashes, grip pads, fins and wax are essential for a great surf session. Additionally, you could use earplugs and a surf poncho to make your session more comfortable. We also have surf books, racks and much more.


    In order to experience all the stokedness also on land, we have various skateboard types. Think of surf trainers, longboards and cruise boards. If you want to try a surf trainer, there is a demo version in the shop in the harbor!

    If you want expert advice, or just an honest opinion, you can always ask a question via the website or visit one of our shops!

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