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    Skatelesson for kids and adults in Scheveningen and Den Haag

    Skateboard lessons in Scheveningen

    Surfskate | Longboartd | Tricks

    Awesome, we have over 2 kilometers of super smooth asphalt in front! This is ideal for cruising on your longboard with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. During a skate longboard lesson you will learn the techniques of skateboarding with a longboard; the longer version of an ordinary skateboard! Besides a bit of theory, our instructors will teach you as much as possible about various skateboarding techniques. From now on your bike will unused and you can go anywhere with your longboard!

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    Also possible to book with an Ooievaarspas.

    Skateboard lesson, but on a longboard!

    Skate longboarding is not only for fun, but also a good training for surfing or snowboarding. Teaching takes place on the boulevard of Scheveningen or in the surf park nearby. The content of the lesson always goes to the level of the current participants. Our surf school has a lot of good longboards on which you can maintain your balance more easily than on a normal skateboard. There is also protection available so that, if that happens, you don't get hurt during a fall. Of course our instructors make sure that everything is as safe and as good as possible.

    What do you learn during a lesson
    • Safety
    • Rules and movement techniques
    • Control your longboard
    • Cruising on the tarmac
    * All lessons include material (board & protection)

    Skate Lessons from 22,50

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    Kids Skate Party from €22,-
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