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    Surfboard rental Scheveningen

    Our surf school is full of gear that is available for rental. Would you like to rent a surfboard? Then you can definitely go to Hart Beach. We have a whole new line of performance short- & longboards and safe strong soft tops. You always have the choice of the size of the surfboard you rent. Moreover, we have more than 250 boards, so you'll never go wrong! We are open every day from 8:30 till sunset in the summer and from 09:30 till sunset during the winter. If the waves are right, even at 7:30! Always check the opening hours with our surf crew.

    Book a lesson and receive rental credit!

    From now on, when booking surf and skate lessons, you'll receive rental credit. We're excited to support you in your surfing adventure. With this rental credit, you can rent all the equipment you need to keep the stoke going! The rental credits can be used for surfboards, wetsuits, skateboards and accessories at our surf school.
    Please note that children are only allowed to rent their surf gear under adult supervision.

    Book a lesson


    You can rent a board with us from as little as € 8,50. The prices start with a starting rate after which there is an extra charge per 15 minutes after the first hour. You always pay afterwards so you never pay too much. Check our prices here:

    Rental prices

    Want to rent surf equipment? Just walk into Hart Beach surf school. We always have enough material in stock. 

     1st Hour           

     Extra 15 min 

    Surfboard  € 10,00,-  € 1,25
    Wetsuit  € 5,50  € 0,75
     € 3,00,-
    SUP  € 10,00  € 1,25
    Skate/body/skimboard  € 7,-  € 1,25
    Neopreen Accessoires  € 3,00  € 0,50

    Surf credits

    Buy 'surf credit' at the surf school. You pay an amount and we'll add to that! This way you can rent even cheaper from us and this is valid indefinitely.

    • Betaal   € 60,-   en ontvang   € 70,-    voordeel   +17% 
    • Betaal   € 110,-   en ontvang   € 145,-  voordeel   +32% 
    • Betaal   € 180,- en ontvang   € 270,-  voordeel   +50% 

    • 🙂 Choose from all 250 boards we have! 
    • 🙂 We keep the credit, so you don't have to bring anything with you! 
    • 🙂Surf how long you want! Afterwards we will get the credit from your account!

    For rentals you can always go to the surf school, our surf crew is always ready to help you get your gear!

    Over 250 boards

    In our boardroom you will find brands like Torq, Pukas, Indio and Softech. For novice surfers, we recommend renting a larger "soft top": these softer boards are ideal for learning to surf on! Not only do they have a lot of buoyancy, which improves stability, but they are also a little safer if you fall off your board and are carried along with the current for a while. If you've surfed before, you can choose from our hard tops: boards made of epoxy finished with a harder layer of gloss coating. We have boards in all shapes and sizes: longboards, Malibu boards, fishtails and shortboards. Whether you are looking for a 9"0 or a 5"4: the choice is yours!

    Tip: Are you planning to buy your own board, but would you like to test which one suits you first? Our surf shop in the harbour has a number of test boards from the new collection that you can borrow. Ask one of our in-store staff for the terms and conditions!

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