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    Libtech RNF 96
    € 880.00

    Looking for a Surfboard?

    Surfboards come in all shapes and sizes, just like us!

    Whether you seek a surfboard to ride epic barrels or surf the smaller waves, there is a different board for every kind of surf. Regardless if you have years of experience or just making your first paddles, at Hart Beach, we have a surfboard for everyone. When choosing your own board, it is important to know how the waves roll at your nearest surf spot. Your height, weight and experience level will determine the length, volume and shape of the surfboard that will serve you best.

    Not sure what kind of surfboard you prefer? Check out our Surfboard Guide, in which we will help you on your way to the right board. If you’d rather prefer to see, smell and feel the boards, you are always welcome at our Hart Beach surf shop! Not in the neighborhood? Not a problem. You can always shoot us an email, call or chat with us.

    Do you prefer to surf a long line to the beach? Then take a look at our Longboard range including the brands: Walden, Town & Country and Salt Gypsy. There will definitely be a perfect nose rider or performance board for you. We also have a wide range of mid-length surfboards, such as those from Indio and Modern. With these boards, catching waves isn’t only fun but also colorful. Short boarders can indulge themselves in our wide selection of shortboards, we have everything from a 5’10 to a 7’2. Take a look at the shortboards, Fish boards, and Hybrid boards from Pyzel, Pukas, Hayden or Channel Island.

    We are also happy to help beginners with their first surfboard. Do you want to catch your first waves with a soft top? Check out the Aqua Inc, Vision and Odysea soft tops. But whoever thinks that soft tops are purely for beginners, are wrong! The brands Softdog, Catch and Softech have shown that smaller soft tops are perfectly fun for Dutch waves. If you make the step to your first hardtop surfboard, check out our Package Deals that will make you completely ready to shred in 1 go!


    A shortboard is a board for experienced surfers. The sizes of these boards range from 4’10 to 7’2 and have a low volume. Its low volume and sharp rail allows for high agility, which enables quick turns and cool tricks. Check our shortboards here.


    Mid-lengths, also known as fun boards or mini malibu’s, are boards for surfers that aren’t beginners anymore. These boards range from around 6’2 to 8’1 and have a high volume. These boards are great as your first hard board, getting off a soft top. Check our collection of mid-lengths here. Looking for a package deal that includes all you need? Check these out.


    Roughly, there are two types of longboards: the performance longboard and the nose rider. The performance longboard is easy to turn and steer. This board gets more speed from the wave, which makes manoeuvring in waves a piece of cake! Nose riding is a traditional way of surfing. This board has more foam throughout the board and is therefore easy to surf even in tiny waves. Check these out.

    Soft Board

    A soft top surfboard is usually used in surf classes, or by people who have just started surfing. The advantage of these boards is their high volume, which makes surfing easy. This way, everyone can experience the pleasure of surfing, no matter their level. Soft boards, as the name implies, are made from soft material, which makes falling less painful. These boards are a great choice if you’d like to pick up surfing. But don’t be mistaken! Hart Beach also offers soft boards for pro surfers. Check all our soft top boards here.

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