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    Friends & family at the beach

    Hart Beach is a family run business and it goes without saying that everyone is welcome with us. Whether it's grandmother's 80th birthday, your parents' 40 wedding party, your hockey team's team outing, your thirteenth birthday with a chill band or a 21 dinner with friends at a laid table with fresh flowers, everything is possible at Hart Beach!

    Eating together is always nice and we offer various options. Think extensive brunches, lunches, drinks or a BBQ with everything included. In the colder months when we can leave the biggest crowds of summer behind us, our menu changes. We offer varying menus for groups or a 5-course tasting menu in addition to our familiar BBQ.

    Want to give an extra dimension to your party? This can be done through an activity adapted to your company. Or hire a band or DJ from us and dance with your feet in the sand.
    Do you want to know what the possibilities are?
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    • From 7 persons 1,5 hours € 25,- p.p.
    • From 7 persons 2 hours € 30,- p.p.
    Always wanted to learn how to surf? This is your chance! Our enthusiastic instructors make surfing accessible to everyone and make sure you have an unforgettable day. After a short explanation about safety and surfing techniques, you and an instructor go into the water to surf your first wave. Is the North Sea cold? Our wetsuits will keep you warm even in winter!


    • € 25,00 p.p.
    • 1.5 hours 
    Going into the sea, but experiencing the water in a more relaxed way? Choose Stand Up Paddle Boarding! This larger "surfboard" is very stable which makes it easier to keep your balance when you paddle through the water. Bonus: you will train your abs!


    • € 25,00 p.p.
    • 1.5 hours 
    Can you see it yet? Cruising the Scheveningen boulevard with the wind in your hair and sun on your face? Our instructors will be there to take you with them to make as many meters as possible on a skateboard or longboard.

    Ice bath experience

    • € €49,00 p.p.
    • 2 hours 
    Guided by professionals of the Wim Hof's Innerfire Academy. This workshop is healthy, gives you energy and is an long lasting experience!

    Expeditie Hart Beach

    • € €25,00 p.p.
    • 1,5 hours 
    Teambuilding with your feet in the sand, but no lazying around.You are stranded on surf island Hawaii where you will complete different missions!

    Bamboo building

    • from € €22,50 p.p.
    • 1,5 hours 
    During Bamboo stick building you'll build a tower, piramid or company name/logo with your friends or colleagues. Your team wel be split up in small groups.

    Beach Golf

    • from € €39,50 p.p.
    • 1,5 hours 
    Play golf with your feet in the sand! The beachgolf-clinic teaches you chipping and putting with normal clubs and golfballs. A fun activity for beginners to get to know golf as a sport and for more experienced golfers to improve their skills.


    • €25,- p.p.
    • 1 hour
    Let’s go of the daily hustle and bustle with the sea in the background and become completely zen. Afterwards everyone receives an organic, Fairtrade tea.


    • € 25 p.p.
    • 1 hour 
    Not against, but with each other sparring! During this sporting activity we combine boxing with a number of "bodyweight" exercises, in which we will test your coordination, sense of rhythm and condition in detail! Our professional boxing trainer will bring out the true "Rocky" with you.


    • € 25 p.p.
    • 1 hour 

    The sport as you probably know it from TV, but without hard tackles! During a Touch Rugby workshop you will learn the basic skills of this ball sport, but we will leave out the hard physical contact.


    • € 25 p.p.
    • 2 hours 
    The wind is one of nature's most powerful elements. During power kiting, experience how you can use the power of the wind to actually fly a short distance. If you want to take it easy, you can get started with the smaller kites.


    • € 25 p.p.
    • 1 hour 
    Hops are a plant of the hemp family and are an indispensable flavour enhancer in beer. In addition to this basic ingredient, each brewer uses a different recipe, but which one is really the most delicious? Do you know what kind of beer best goes with which food, which occasion or mood? Discover it during a beer tasting at Hart Beach.


    • from € 15 p.p.
    • 1.5 hours 
    A pub quiz is one of the best ways to get to know your colleagues better! This team game is hilarious and consists of several questions and assignments in the categories film, music, general knowledge and of course your company. The game is on!


    • € 25 p.p.
    • 1 hour 
    Imagine yourself in Hawaiian ambiences with our Ukelele Music Experience. The small, originally Portuguese, guitar is extremely popular in Hawaii and plays the leading role in this activity. In one hour you will learn how to play this stringed instrument and at the end of the experience everyone can even play a song.


    • € 25 p.p.
    • 1.5 hours 
    Use materials such as natural stone, feathers and leather to create unique one-piece jewelry. After instructions and information, everyone can choose which piece of jewelry fits best: an ankle strap, bracelet, earrings or a necklace. During the workshop, everyone gets appropriate advice and tips. There are also examples to get inspiration from.


    • from €220,- / group
    • 2 hours 
    Hunting for treasures that don't belong in nature. You'll learn about how to tackle environmental problems. We'll start with a short introduction, after that we go onto the beach looking for treasures.

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