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    Coolest children's party in The Hague

    That's just awesome: celebrate your children's party on the beach! We have several activities that you can use to make sure that next year everyone is still talking about your birthday! Surfing, skate longboarding, beach games, beach volleyball, you name it! Do you want to stay for dinner? Our chef will make something tasty for the whole group! And psst: Everyone at your party gets a nice surf poster and stickers to take home, you yourself a cool Hart Beach cap! Choose:


    • 5-9 kids €18,50
    • From 10 kids €17,50

    You've probably seen them before: the tough surfers in the sea. Would you like to learn this together with your friends? Come and visit us quickly! Before you really go into the water, you'll get an explanation about your stance, technique and safety at sea. (swimming certificate A is required)


    • 5-9 kids €18,50
    • From 10 kids €17,50
    • 1,5 hours

    Cruising on the boulevard of Scheveningen? Together with an instructor you will make as many meters as possible on a longboard; the longer version of an ordinary skateboard.


    • From 5 kids
    • €17.50 p.p.
    • 1 hour

    Find Captain Hart's lost treasure! By playing games and solving assignments you'll work you way closer and closer to the treasure. Can you find it?!

    Little Hart Party

    • From 5 kids
    • €17,50 p.p.
    • 1 hour
    • For children from 2 - 5 years old
    A surf party outside on the beach. Through music, games, movement and special surfboards you and your friends are introduced to the world of surfing. This party is part of the Little Hart program, parents are welcome to join together with their little one!

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