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    SUP lessons in Scheveningen and The Hague

    SUP lessons

    After a lot of hype, the SUP has become a keeper. This sport is ideal to experience the water in a relaxed way and also gives you a steel abs. Instead of lying on a board, you stand on a big "surfboard" while you move yourself through the water with a big paddle. A SUP lesson takes over 1.5 hours and can be planned according to your wishes. It is important that the waves are not too high, because only then you can learn the basics well.

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    Also possible to book with an Ooievaarspas.

    SUP-Lesson at Hart

    16 years old and up

    During an SUP-lesson we teach you the basics, the safety rules and movement techniques of the SUP. The lesson consists of a theoretical part of +/- 15 minutes, after which you will be guided by our certified instructors into the water to actually go supping! Depending on your level and interest you will learn to suppress on smooth water, or to keep your balance during a SUP&YOGA class. Are you looking for more action? Go one step further by Catching a wave with a SUP or learn how to steer a board with your paddle.

    Learning aims

    • Safety, rules and techniques of movement
    • Control your SUP on the water
    • Depending on your level you will learn several extra techniques and skills on an SUP-board
    * All lessons include material (SUP board & wetsuit)

    SUP-LESSON €35,-
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