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    Surf Leashes

    Don’t unleash the dragon… trust us.

    You may not directly think about it, but this could just be the most important surf accessory you’ll own! The leash is attached to the tail of your surfboard and your ankle or calf. In other words, this is the ultimate connection between you and your surfboard! The leash ensures that when you get off your surfboard, your board stays close to you. This saves you from a lot of swimming back to the beach and also reduces, not insignificantly, accidents. Check out our Leash Guide to see how the leash is constructed and what to keep in mind when purchasing one.

    Choosing a leash, it’s important to keep the connection as short as possible. Not too short, because then you won't have enough space to move freely on your surfboard. However, do not keep the connection too long because then you will get a leash drag, meaning a reduction of speed due to the drag of the leash in the water. For a healthy relationship between you and your surfboard, you should stick to the leash rule of thumb: choose a leash that is closest to the length of your surfboard. If your surfboard is in between sizes, such as a 7'8, round off to the closest number, in this case an 8'0.

    If you have found the right length for your marriage between leash and board, take a look at our range including brands such as FCS, Dakine and Creatures. The main difference between leashes lies in the thickness of the cord. To determine the thickness of the leash you need, it’s important to know the type of waves you’ll be surfing. A regular leash has a thickness of around 7mm, whereas big wave leashes have a thickness of 8mm and competition leashes range between 5-6 mm.

    Can’t figure it out? Visit us in our shop, where we will be happy to help you choose the right one. Know what you want? Check out our range of leashes here!

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