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    Surf Lessen voor Kinderen Scheveningen en Den Haag

    Kids surfing lessons

    For all the grommets, little surfers (in the making), we have a great offer of lessons to get the hang of the surf sport. The children are trained during the surfing lessons and learn new techniques every surfing lesson. For each surf lesson, we look at the level of the children and our instructors respond to this. A lot of attention is paid to safety and they are prepared to go into the sea later on their own in a safe way to surf. 

    For children between 6-16 years old, semi private and group lessens are available.

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    Also possible with the Ooievaarspas.

    Surfing lessons for children

    The surfing lessons last more than 90 minutes and can be planned in consultation with you according to the above days and times. Also in winter we go on. All lessons include wetsuits and in winter you get (hand) shoes and caps! The surfing lessons are given in small groups of +/-6 persons. This means there is enough personal attention for all the kids. You will learn this:
    • Safety, rules and techniques of movement
    • How to control a surfboard in the waves
    • Grab waves and get up
    • Movement techniques of surfing
    * All lessons include material (board & wetsuit)
    . ** Please note that swimming certificate A is compulsory!

    1 SURF LESSON €20,-
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    5 SURF LESSONS € 92,50
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    10 SURF LESSONS € 175,-
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    KIDS PARTY SURF from €18,50
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    FAMILY SURF from €110,-
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    PRIVATE from € 80,-
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