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    Kids Wetsuits

    € 259.00 for € 155.40
    Quiksilver 1.5 TODDLER - Boys wetsuits
    € 59.99 for € 35.99
    Roxy Girl 5/4/3 Prologue Meisjes Wetsuit
    € 149.99 for € 89.99
    Quiksilver 32 PRO BOY BZ
    € 109.95 for € 65.97
    ONeill Girls Epic 4/3 Backzip Wetsuit
    € 154.95 for € 92.97
    Roxy Girl 4/3 Prologue BZ
    € 129.95 for € 77.97
    Xcel 5/4 Axis Kids
    € 190.00

    Wetsuits for kids

    Every parent knows it, a child with blue lips from the cold. Children get cold more quickly in the water. A wetsuit is a good solution to keep them warm. This is made of neoprene that has an insulating effect. This is useful, for example, during swimming lessons or when they play in water. A wetsuit also blocks UV radiation. This way you also protect the little ones from the sun.

    We say everywhere that a wetsuit must fit well to the body. However, this can be a bit more difficult with kids than with adults. Children grow quickly and you don't want them to enjoy their wetsuit for a short time. The wetsuit sizing is based on age, so keep that in mind. If the wetsuit fits a little larger, that's okay. This way they can still grow in it. Do you want to know everything about how a wetsuit works and the differences? Then check out our Wetsuit Guide here.

    For the summer days we have shorties from C-Skins, Roxy and Quiksilver. They often come in cheerful colors so that you can easily recognize them. The wetsuits for kids often come with a back zip, making it easy for them to put on their wetsuit themselves. There are also wetsuits with chest zip for the little shredder. These wetsuits, from the brands Xcel, Billabong and O'neill, are equipped with warm lining and seam that keep them warm. Not sure which one to get? Call or email our store. Or go into the store where we will be happy to help and advise you!

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