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    Mens Wetsuits

    Vissla NEW SEAS 4 - men Wetsuit
    € 429.00 for € 386.10
    Vissla 7 SEAS 3 - men Wetsuit
    € 329.00 for € 296.10
    Vissla HIGH SEAS II 2 - men Wetsuit
    € 229.00 for € 206.10
    Vissla NATURAL SEAS 2 - men Wetsuit
    € 229.00 for € 206.10
    Vissla NEW SEAS 3 - men Wetsuit
    € 409.00 for € 368.10
    Vissla 7 SEAS 2 - men Wetsuit
    € 159.00 for € 143.10
    Hurley AIR 3/2MM SS FS - Heren wetsuit
    € 234.95 for € 211.46

    Mens Wetsuits

    Wetsuits keep you nice and warm in the water. To find the right neoprene thickness, it is good to know in which water temperature you will be surfing. A 3/2 mm wetsuit is sufficient for the Dutch summer. But for the real winter sessions you must have a 5 mm wetsuit. The longest surfable thickness in our North Sea is a 4/3 mm wetsuit. This allows you to surf from April to October. If you are still feeling chilly, you can purchase a cap, gloves, shoes or a vest. These accessories can give you that extra bit of warmth you’re missing!

    Nowadays there are great advancements in the field of wetsuits. There are developments in neoprene that generate even more heat and neoprene that dries very quickly. Just what you're looking for! There are different segments and price ranges within the world of wetsuits. If you want to know all the differences, check out our ultimate Wetsuit Guide that explains everything here. The rule of thumb is: you pay for warmth and comfort.

    If you want a good wetsuit, you can, for example, watch the Prologue from Quiksilver or Legend from C-Skins. If you want a wetsuit with all the warmest technologies, you can look at the Heatseeker from Rip Curl or Comp X from Xcel. If you're more into maximum flexibility, the Hyperfreak from O'Neill is what you're looking for. Needless to say, there is something for everyone, so go crazy!

    Wetsuits come in many sizes, from XS to 2XL. In the men's sizes you can also encounter a Small Tall, Medium Small, Medium Tall or Large Tall. For example, a Small Tall is built for a small fit with longer arms and legs. A Medium Small is for a medium fit with shorter arms and legs. This way you can find a wetsuit that fits best to your physique. Brands also play an important role in this. Not sure what size to get? Visit the surf shop where we will be happy to help you find the perfect size wetsuit! Not in the neighbourhood? Contact us through WhatsApp, email or call our webshop colleagues.

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