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    FCS MF PC Medium
    € 124.95

    Surf Fins

    Like almost anything in the water, also a surfboard needs fins. Choosing fins can be tricky. This is because more than a few factors come into play trying to find the perfect set of fins. Lucky you, we are here to help!

    Firstly, fins provide stability to your surfboard, which ensures that your board does not float into all directions and is easier to control.

    To make turns with your surfboard, fins are the most important part. A consequence of having fins in the water is that it slows you down. Which means, the more fins under your surfboard, the more you are slowed down. Apart from that, fins are essential while making turns. Yet again, fins also create more drag, which decreases your speed.

    In search of the best set of fins, it is important to know which type of fin box your surfboard has. There is FCSI, FCSII, Futures and US box, also known as Single Fin. Would you like to know which fin setups are possible? Check the Ultimate Surfboard Fin Guide. But if you seek help on fin-territory, you can come visit us in the shop! Not in the neighbourhood? Contact us via mail, phone or online chat.

    Have you settled on the right set of fins to put under your surfboard? Congratulations! In addition to the right set-up, we understand that looks are important, too. Take a look at our wide range of fins, including brands like FCS, Futures, Roam & Captain Fin. At Hart Beach you’ll find the perfect set of fins to complete your surfboard.
    Check hier onze ruime surf vinnen van de beste merken:

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