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    Organise your winter activity at Scheveningen beach.

    Winter activities with co-workers, friends and family.

    Are you looking for a challenging and inspiring environment to host a company outing, bachelor party or other group activity during the winter? Gther your group and head over to Hart Beach in Scheveningen.
    Let us surprise you with our unique winter activities, facilties and relaxed vibe. With us you'll organise the best winter event at the beach of Scheveningen.

    Organise a winter activity in which teamwork, sport and creativity are key. Our staff can help you whereever you need to organise an unforgettable event.

    During the winter months a luxury tasting menu is a great option to add to your activity.

    Below you'll see an overview of all our winter activities. Would you like to know more? Please visit Activity page for more information.

    • Expedition Polar Circle
    • Ice Sculptures
    • Winter Surf
    • Silent Disco

    Would you like to know more about our winter activities?
    Contact us by mail, phone or request a free quote by clicking the buttons below.

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    +31 (0) 70 350 25 91


    • From 10p. | €27,50 p.p
    The winter activity for true survivors! Glaciers, fire pits, cold caves and icy mountains. During the expedition you'll try to survive the polar conditions. At the beach you'll find yourself in an rough environment and you'll be challenged to work on team spirit, perseverance and ofcourse have loads of fun with your group.

    Ice Sculptures

    • From 10 participants
    • €25,- p.p.
    Get creative and build the coolest sculptures with the theme of the day.
    Dicover hidden talents within your group; communication, creativity and planning. Working as a team is an important feature to create a winning design together. The perfect group activity for this winter!


    • From 8 pers.
    • €27,50,-
    • 1,5 hours
    Our enthusiastic instructors make surfing accessible to everyone, even during the winter months. Is the North Sea cold? Our wetsuits will keep you warm even in winter! Warm up in our surf restaurant with a free warm drink of choice.

    Silent Disco

    • From 10 pers.
    • €27,50 per pers.
    • 1,5 hours
    A unique party at the beach without noise. Gather your friends or colleagues and party at the beach.  We will play you the hits and awesome beats while you can enjoy an cool party. You will wear headphones which you can control the volume and music yourself! Enjoy high quality sound and dance the night away with your feet in the sand.

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