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    Lessons for Parent and Child

    Little Hart

    Little Hart is a Hart Beach program where you and your child learn more about surfing, the beach and the sea in a playful way. During a this series of lessons, your child will develop different skills and the bond between parent and child is strengthened.

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    Why Little Hart?

    Little Hart is the best preparation for real surfing! If children can swim, they can also surf. Before that, Hart Beach provides an active and educational program that will strengthen the bond between the parent(s), the sea and surfing. After Little Hart you are ready for a new surfing adventure at Hart Beach.


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    What is Little Hart?

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    Little Hart is a Hart Beach program where boys and girls from 2 to 5 years old are introduced to everything that has to do with surfing, the sea and the beach.
    During the class, children come to Hart Beach with one of their parents to have fun and learn through play. Because you - as a parent, participate in the lesson, your child feels at ease and will be able to develop further. It is the active and educational outing that strengthens the bond between a parent and child.

    Hart Beach has seen the kids blossom and develop in recent Little Hart seasons. In a playful way, skills such as balance, coordination, agility and (self) confidence are developed. New and interactive skills emerge every lesson. In addition, there are a lot of new friendships formed!

    The lessons are structured in such a way that there are recurring sessions every week, which ensures recognition and a corresponding feeling of trust. For this, we use music among other things. The experiences the children gain during Little Hart will also be of great value later in life.

    Hart Beach Little Hart

    Balance, Coördination, agility & confidence

    You will be assigned to a class based on the age of your child.

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    €199,- per child per course
    Full course consist of 10 lessons

    Would you rather put together your own group of kids with friends on a different day and/or time? Contact the surf school at [email protected].

    See you at the beach!

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      Since the 80's, we have been organising outings, parties and events every day with pleasure!
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      At Hart Beach you can organize your event all year round. With our own events we also make sure that every season there are fun things to do on the beach.
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      Whether it's a children's birthday or grandma's 80th birthday, we have a suitable package for every age
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      We organize events for both business people and individuals. Any company is welcome at Hart!

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