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    ClearWater – The #1 surf charter specialist

    For years we have searched for the best waves, resorts surf boats! Check out the entire offer quickly!
    You want an unforgettable surf trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth? The offer varies from luxury charters to budget charters. Take a look at the offer of surf boats! Below a selection of our offer.

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    If you are more interested in staying in a luxury resort with a nice break on your doorstep, take a look at the range of resorts on offer!

    ClearWater Surf Travel 

    Who are we? 

    Clearwater has been providing surfing trips to the most beautiful places in the world, especially the Maldives and Indonesia, for more than 11 years. Years of experience provide an excellent knowledge of the possibilities in the Maldives and Indonesia. The priority is to find the best resort and boats for the customers to offer an unforgettable surfing trip. In addition, the search for quiet, world-class surf spots is a strength of ClearWater Surf Travel. Most surfers just want good waves and an unforgettable surf trip. When traveling with family or wife, you're looking for a nice and luxurious resort with a class of golf on the doorstep of your resort. If you're more of a hardcore surfer or a trip with a group of friends, you'll want good waves, a private boat and the best spots. We can make everything possible in the Maldives and Indonesia; luxury, budget, difficult waves, easy waves, relaxation, snorkeling, fishing and much more. 

    What we offer; 

    -Tropical waves and quiet surf spots 

    -Hot water = Surfing in your boardshort or bikini 

    -Private charters & best resorts 

    -Best prices 

    Additional information 

    The low season has smaller waves but is less crowded ... ideal for anyone with less experience or when you are looking for empty waves. There are always good days with good surf size.

    High season has more consistent waves and more crowds. If you are looking for empty line-ups, we can offer remote resorts or safari boats with different routes.

    In short; if you choose for the popular surf spots you will have to take into account to share waves with other surfers but you can also choose a tailor-made surf trip and then we will look for the best deal, the best spots and the best conditions for a "once in your lifetime trip"!

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