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    Boardbag Creatures



    Always use protection!

    Travelling is in a surfer's DNA. Unfortunately, transporting surfboards is not in the DNA of many transport companies. As every surfer knows, a surfboard is fragile. You will do anything you can to get your board safely and unharmed to its final destination. The best thing you can do to prevent cracks, dings, delamination or any other nightmare is to use protection. The dearest advice of all time. We have a wide range of Board Socks, Day Use Boardbags, Travel Boardbags and Board Coffins. Not sure which protection is applicable to your situation? Check our Boardbag Guide here! We explain all the different types of board bags to you.

    If you don't travel further than your local surf spot, a Boardsock or a Day Use Boardbag will suffice. If you transport your surfboard with a car Soft Rack, we still recommend a Day Use Boardbag such as the one from Northcore. This way, your surfboard will not be damaged by the straps that tighten around your surfboard. Does your surfboard travel far and wide? Then take a Travel Boardbag or Travel Coffin, as the name suggests. Check the brands Creatures, FCS or Roam for some solid bags. In this way, your surfboard remains optimally protected by thick padding, and you prevent tears when you realise that the airline has been rugged with your surfboard. If you transport several boards in one boardbag, it is best to choose one with wheels. This gives that extra convenience when your boardbag is heavy to lift.

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