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    Surf Ears surf ears 3.0 : red teal

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    Surf Ears 3.0 

    Surf, swim or practice water sports in cold water? Then it is important to protect your ears! A combination of cold water and wind can cause an ear infection which ultimately leads to the "surf ear" condition.

    What is Surfers Ear? Why can Surf Ears help me?

    Surf Ears are ear plugs for people who like surfing, swimming or water sports. These earplugs close your ear perfectly and do not let any more water in. At the same time, they let sound in, so you can chat with others without difficulty.
    The big advantage of these earbuds is that they are easily adjustable in size. In a package are different sizes for the ear shell. This way you will find the optimal closure for each ear. Furthermore, these earplugs have a small string that you can attach to your wetsuit / swimsuit or around your neck. If the earplugs fall out once, you won't immediately lose them.

    With Surfers ear, or the medical term "diffuse exostosis" is meant a slow build up of bone in the ear canal. If this continues for too long, the ear canal can be completely closed off. The result is that you have poor hearing and of course that you are at high risk for ear invasions and worse things.

    This build-up of bone in your ear canal is caused by moisture (especially cold water and wind) in your ear. It is therefore very important to protect your ears well, especially in the winter months because once you have a surfers ear it is only possible to repair it again with surgery.
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    Surf Ears Junior 2.0
    € 39.95 for € 29.95

    Surf Ears

    SURF EARS 2.0

    Surf Ears 2.0 zijn oordopjes voor mensen die graag surfen, zwemmen of watersporten. Deze oordopjes sluiten je oor perfect af en laten geen water meer binnen. Tegelijkertijd laten ze wel geluid naar binnen zodat je zonder moeite met anderen kan kletsen.
    Het grote voordeel van deze oordopjes is dat ze makkelijk in maat veranderbaar zijn. In een pakketje zitten twee verschillende maten voor de oor schelp en 3 verschillende afsluitings- propjes. Zo vindt je voor elk oor de optimale afsluiting. Verder zijn deze oordopjes voorzien van een kleine leash die je aan je wetsuit/zwempak of om je nek vast kan zetten. Zouden de oordopjes er een keer uitvallen ben je ze niet gelijk kwijt.
    Maar waarom heb je zulke surf ears eigenlijk nodig?

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