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    Surf Ear Plugs

    Avid Dutch surfers will know, the water is often cold in The Netherlands. In addition to a thick wetsuit, gloves and boots, it is also important to protect your ears well. If you lie in cold water often and for extended periods, your ears will produce more cartilage to protect your eardrum. This is known as surfer’s ear and is something you definitely prefer to prevent than cure. Fortunately, there are special surf earplugs that protect your ears and are therefore considered an indispensable surf accessory for winter conditions.

    Surf earplugs are comfortable and allow sound to pass through. This way, your ears are protected and you can still hear everything around you as normal. They are also equipped with a handy cord that goes around your neck, so you will not lose them in the water. Both the surf earplugs from Surf Ears and Wavy Ocean have interchangeable silicone earplugs in different sizes. As a result, you can choose the size which fits your ear best and go into the water completely protected! Both brands also provide a handy storage bag, so you don’t lose them on land. Surf Ears has even developed earplugs for children between ages 5 and 12: the Surf Ears Junior 2.0.

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