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    Hart Beach Surfboard Repairs

    Surfboards, Windsurf boards & Kitesurf boards

    The Hart Beach Surfshop offers repair services for all your Surf gear. In collaboration with Jinne Sietsma, who's been in the surf industry all of his life, we'll make sure your board will be as good as new. Because of his many years of experience, he is seen as one of the best shapers of The Netherlands. Nothing is to crazy for Jinne, he has done it all!

    You can bring by your surfboard during our shop opening hours. Every Monday we deliver broken boards and collect the repaired surfboards from the shaper. So it will take one week to repair your board and get it to be shred-ready!

    When you bring your board to us, please make sure the board is clean and the fin's and leash has been removed.
    Hart Beach offers surfboard repairs on:

    ✔️ Surfboards
    ✔️ Windsurf boards
    ✔️ Kitesurf boards

    Aside from 'standard' repairs we can also offer:

    ✔️ Repairs of broken fin box
    ✔️ Leash plugs and inserts
    ✔️ Repairs of footpads and foot straps
    ✔️ Repairs of delamination
    ✔️ Repairs of rips, dents and holes

    Prefer to fix it yourself? Take a look at our board repair assortment!


    Would you like more information or a price estimate? Please give us a ring or send us an e-mail and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Send e-mail

    +31 (0) 70 350 25 91

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