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    Surfboard Repair Kits

    Cracks and dings are unfortunately not always preventable. If you look on the bright side, you can easily do minor repairs yourself. Hart Beach has a wide range of repair kits that help you completely patch up your board. Not sure which repair kit is suitable for your board? Then take the follow tips into account. First, it is important to know which material your board is made of: polyester or epoxy. Pay attention! Epoxy kits can be used on both epoxy and polyester boards, BUT polyester kits can only be used on polyester boards. If you want to get into the water faster, check out the repair kits from Ding All Sun Care. Looking for an immediate solution to go back into the water? Then we have Ding Tape, so you’re good to go in a minute. Do note that this is merely a temporary solution and your board will require some extra love after your surf session. If you are unsure about the material your board is made of, or would like expert advice, feel free to visit us in the shop where we will be happy to assist you!

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