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    Vissla NEW SEAS 4 - men Wetsuit
    € 429.00 for € 386.10
    Vissla 7 Seas 4-3 Full Chest Zip
    € 349.00 for € 314.10
    Buell Slant 4/3 hooded - Mens wetsuit
    € 389.99 for € 233.99
    C-Skins Wired 4:3 Steamer
    € 459.95 for € 413.96

    4/3mm Men Wetsuits

    The 4/3 mm wetsuit is the best all-around wetsuit for the North Sea. In The Netherlands, it will make you happy between April and October. If you still feel cold, you can always dress it up with additional wetsuit accessories. In Southern Europe, 4/3 mm wetsuits are also a good deal for the lower water temperatures in winter. We recommend this wetsuit thickness in water temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees.

    With 4/3 mm wetsuits, it is important to pay attention to the fit. Since you are in colder water temperatures, the wetsuit must fit well and comfortably to your physique. As soon as the wetsuit is either too small or too big, it will shorten your surfing session. And who wants to get out of the water before a good surf because of the cold or a cramp! Would you like advice? Then step into our surf shop where we are happy to help you out. Not in the neighbourhood? Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, email, or call our webshop employees.

    It is always useful to take a good look at which features the wetsuit comprises of. By this, we refer to the type of zip, seams and lining of the wetsuit. In the end, this makes a big difference in warmth and comfort. As most things, the more you are willing to spend, the better quality your wetsuit will be. Not sure what to look out for? Then check out our Wetsuit Guide that lays it all out for you!

    Almost all 4/3 mm wetsuits from brands such as: Rip Curl, C-Skins, Hurley and Vissla, will come without a cap. However, you can also opt for a 4/3 mm wetsuit that has a fixed cap, for example Volcom. You body loses heat fastest through your head, hands, and feet. To retain extra warmth, you can always choose to purchase a cap, gloves and boots. This will allow you to use your wetsuit longer before purchasing a thicker one.

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