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    In order to have a great surfing session in a sun-drenched country, a board short is no superfluous luxury, nothing is better than being able to move freely on your surfboard so you can make the coolest tricks and the most beautiful turns. But relaxing in a pair of swimming trunks is of course also great or how about swimming in a swimming pool. The situations mentioned above for which you need swimwear are easy to imagine and with a swimsuit or board short of one of our famous brands, this should also be possible.

    There are well-known brands such as: Billabong, Hurley, O'Neill, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, RVCA, Salty Crew, Vissla and Volcom. 

    Want to check in the mirror with us to see if the swimming trunks are in the right position? Feel free to visit us in one of our shops!

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