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    Jackets & Coats

    Quiksilver LOCHHILL - Heren jas
    € 130.00 for € 65.00
    Quiksilver NOMAD- Men's Cold Weather Jacket
    € 300.00 for € 150.00
    Quiksilver NEW BROOKS- Men's Jackets
    € 170.00 for € 85.00
    Element TREKKA - Men's Vest Jackets
    € 150.00 for € 75.00
    Element FIELD 2.0 - Men's Parka Jackets
    € 200.00 for € 100.00
    Quiksilver LIVE FOR THE RIDE - Heren jas
    € 140.00 for € 70.00
    Quiksilver FINAL CALL JACKET - Heren jas
    € 150.00 for € 75.00
    Quiksilver FINAL CALL JACKET - Heren jas
    € 150.00 for € 75.00
    Vissla Minca Trucker Jacket
    € 175.00 for € 87.50
    Vissla Breaker lll Reversible Jacket
    € 169.00 for € 84.50
    Vissla Tennessee lll Parka
    € 199.00 for € 99.50
    Volcom SUPERSTONER II 5K JACKET - Heren jas
    € 210.00 for € 105.00
    Quiksilver PICKSTON - Heren jas
    € 120.00 for € 60.00
    Volcom HERNAN 5K JACKET - Heren jas
    € 160.00 for € 80.00
    Element DULCEY 2TONES - Heren Jas
    € 165.00 for € 82.50


    At Hart Beach there are different jackets for different situations. Imagine walking through the city and it suddenly starts raining cats and dogs, Hart Beach has jackets that are waterproof! Or how about a situation where you want to walk on the beach in the winter, there are several winter coats available to keep you warm, even during the cold winter days in the Netherlands. Whether you want to look hip, cool, tough, cool, or just go along with the fashion trends is all possible at Hart Beach because our wide range of coats. 

    There is a wide selection with several well-known brands such as: Afends, Element, Hurley, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Rusty, Vissla and Volcom. 

    For advice on which jacket suits the right situation or to see how a particular jacket suits you, feel free to visit one of our shops in the harbour or on the beach!

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