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    Wetsuit Accessories Billabong


    Wetsuit Accessories

    Looking for wetsuit accessories?

    We have everything in stock. Maintenance, shoes, gloves or caps - we have a very wide range.

    Wide Selection of Wetsuits and Neoprene Accessories at Hart Beach Surfshop

    Are you in search of top-quality wetsuits and neoprene accessories for your surfing adventures? Look no further than Hart Beach Surf shop in Scheveningen, your ultimate destination for all your surfing needs.

    Wetsuits: Keeping You Warm and Comfortable

    Hart Beach Surf shop offers a wide range of summer and winter wetsuits for men, women, and children from well-known surf brands like Quiksilver, ROXY, Volcom, and more. Our wetsuits, made from high-quality neoprene, are designed to keep your body warm in the water during surfing, providing optimal flexibility and protection.

    Neoprene Wetsuit Accessories

    The appropriate use of these neoprene accessories depends on the water temperature. Summer Accessories are Suitable for moderate to warm environments, providing added comfort and protection. Winter Accessories (Caps, Boots, Gloves) are recommended for colder waters, offering insulation and warmth to beat the cold.

    Surf Shoes, Caps, Hoods & Gloves: Unmatched Quality and Functionality

    At Hart Beach Surf shop, we also feature a diverse collection of surf shoes, glovescaps, and hoods, each with its unique features.

    Surf Shoes

    When the cold winter months arrive, the water will become so cold that your feet will also have to be protected against the cold. Surf shoes come in the same thicknesses as wetsuits and the same rule applies as with the rest of your neoprene. For the Dutch winter, that means at least 5 mm thickness is needed to get through the winter comfortably. If you get cold feet quickly, look for a slightly thicker shoe! There are also different shapes of surf shoes: round toe, split toe, and internal split toe.
    Engineered for enhanced grip and stability on wet surfaces, ensuring a secure footing while surfing.

    Surf Caps & Hoods

    Designed to shield your head from the sun and keep it warm in cooler conditions, Surf caps offer added comfort during your surfing sessions. Crafted to provide complete head coverage, retaining heat and protecting your ears and neck in cold water environments. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced surfer, Hart Beach Surf shop is committed to providing you with the best-in-class wetsuits and neoprene accessories to elevate your surfing experience. Visit us today and explore our extensive collection to gear up for your next surfing escapade!

    Surf Gloves

    Your hands are very important when surfing and most evidently, when paddling for a wave. That is why it is important that you can feel them when in the water. In winter, the water in the North Sea can get quite cold. Therefore, we recommend using surf gloves when the water is below 12 degrees. These keep your hands nice and warm, so that you no longer have to end a surf session too early with numb hands.

    Top brands surf accessories

    At Hart Beach Surfshop we offer a wide selection of Neoprene wetsuit accessories to get you through even the coldest waves out there.
    We only sell high quality and durable caps, gloves and boots from brands like: 

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