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    Wetsuits floating in the Great ocean

    We know… The wait for a winter wetsuit has been too long, and water temperatures are dropping fast. How come these winter necessities are not in stores yet? Don’t worry, friends, we’ll keep you up to date on this matter. We’ll even do one better; You're now able to reserve your winterwettie with us!

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    Wetsuits floating in the Great ocean.

    How come these winter necessities are not in stores yet? Thanks to the container conflicts, 100,000 neoprene suits are floating in the ocean. No, no, not literally. On container ships that are waiting to enter harbors. 

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been lots of issues with container shipments. Ports closed due to the spreading diseases, which formed a shortage in port-worker and ship crews. In the meantime, some other conflicts occurred:
    • China and the USA started a container-battle
    • The Brexit made shipment impossible from- or to UK
    • A container ship called the Ever Given blocked one of the most important gateways from Asia to Europe…

    And so ‘the container-wait’ began.

    You might have seen some of these container ships laying just outside the coastline of your nearby surf spot or beach. At this moment, 600 ships around the world are waiting — or floating — to enter and release their containers in harbors. ⅙ of those ships are floating in front of the Coastline of LA and Long Beach with approximately 50,000 to 100,000 wetsuits on board. And yes you guessed it right… These ships have your new wetsuit on board. It can take up to two or three weeks for these ships to get a spot in a harbor. Then all the containers will be divided into smaller ships and are sent off to Europe, where the waiting and floating will start all over again.

    To make sure that you’ll have the winter gear you need, we’ll make it possible to reserve one of these wetsuits before they come in. Fill in one of these forms for a man's or women winter suit of the brands; Billabong, Quicksilver, Roxy, O’Neill, C-skins or Rip Curl. Volcom, Vissla and Hurley winter suits are already in stock or will be within a week.

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    Lock in your Men winterwetsuit

    Please lock in your top three winter wetsuits to make sure that we can reserve at least one of them for you. When they come in, we’ll call, email, and send smoke signals to you if we have to!

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