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    Hart Beach proudly presents “Always Out There”. The very true story about Dutch Surfing. How the North sea toys with surfers love and passion through mostly shitty conditions and seemingly endless flat spells. To escape the pain the Hart Beach Surf Team sets sail to more perfect waves only to realize all they need is their beloved brown water North sea soup!



    We would like to proudly introduce: The Hart Beach Surf Team. Hart Beach was founded by its founding father Etsko Schuitema as a watersport and catamaran shop in 1971. Etsko loved the ocean and good company and rapidly transformed his shop into the Hart Beach Surf Shop. Since the very start his love and passion for surfing for so deep that grew and groomed the shop like his own child.

    Since the early years he always tried to stay connected to the scene and therefor always tried to support local rippers as good as he can. The Hart Beach Surf Team has been a magnet for great Dutch surfers and local legends ever since! After his tragic passing in the early 2000s, his two sons Paul and Romke took over the family business. They kept on evolving the business whilst never forgetting about their father’s legacy and the companies’ core – SURFING! So, this is it, the Hart Beach Surf Team. A group of local friends that are united in their love for surfing and hunger for Whipe Out Burgers!


    We are very proud of our team, so please let us introduce them!


    Tom “ScreenTime” Boelsma

    Don’t be thrown of by his nickname! Tom Boelsma in one on Hollands finest surfers! Crowned Dutch Surfing Champion in 2020 and well known in the Dutch and European Surf Scene, Tom keeps on turning heads and throwing massive sprays. He’s still young and has a bright future. Definitely one of Northern Europe’s finest surfers!

    Mirna “Princess” Boelsma

    Mirna is a ripper and like her brother she surfs in the Dutch elite! Multiple time Dutch female Champion and very known and active in the European Surf Scene. Mirna keeps on pushing the limit and with amazing performances it is inevitable that she will have a breakthrough performance very soon!

    Valentino “la Bomba” Belga

    Valentino Belga is a Dutch Surfing prodigy. He has a Dutch mom and a Brazilian dad and grew up around the beautiful shores of Rio de Janeiro. During his first years of surfing as a young kid, it was already clear that he had a special talent. He turned heads and won contests in Brazil and Holland and crowned his young winning streak with a Dutch Junior title in 2019. He has a bright future ahead of him and will, without any doubt, surf some ridiculous waves throughout his career.

    Seb “Bammetje” den Otter

    Our local grom! Obviously, there are many groms around in Scheveningen but Seb is a little lad. Even when he will be 30 one day, he will still be our grom. He loves surfing! Like loves it! Shreds, is always friendly and is probably the only rider that would prefer a Dutch soft bread sandwich with some good old peanut butter over a burger!

    Severin “Sevo” Clasen

    Sevo is the captain of the Hart Beach Surf Team. He is born and raised in Scheveningen and loves to surf onshore waves at home. Although he has travelled quite a lot, he claims he has the most fun when he is surfing some heavy onshore crap at home. He also loves beer.

    Oliver “Thundercat” Rinder

    The mad dog of the Hart Beach Surf Team! Olli was born and raised on the Canary Islands. He quickly got in touch with bodyboarding and before he knew it, he was going for the heaviest waves and doing serious damage in bodyboarding competitions. He soon translated this fearless approach into surfing and just went with it. He doesn’t care, he just goes. We love that! Not only is he a super friendly, always smiling legend, but he is also the head coach at the Hart Beach Surf School.

    Eveline Hooft

    Eveline Hoofd is Netherlands’s surfing prodigy. Ever since a young age it was apparent that she had some serious talent. After winning several national titles during her teenage years she quickly moved on to adapt on the professional WSL circuit. She won a junior WQS event in France and is now fully committed to travel the world as a pro surfer. Thankfully she always finds time in between contests to come home and shred some waves with her friends.

    Karel Keurhorst

    This kid has some drive and ambition! He loves surfing and is always full of energy. It doesn’t matter if he’s working, surfing, chilling or having beers, this kid does everything at 110%. It seems like he doesn’t need sleep and he doesn’t know how to be sad! He is truly ALWAYS OUT THERE!

    Redmar van Kats

    Redmar has the looks of a teenage-angel but don’t be fooled. He’s actually the oldest of the group and has done and seen it all. He now is the quiet and stable factor of the group and always has good advice. He also shreds the kids out of the water and will be out there before anyone and longer than anyone. Grommet like stoke forever!



    Grab some popcorn, pop open a cold beer and enjoy the show!



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