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    FCS MF PC Medium
    € 124.95

    Thruster Surf Fins

    A thruster setup includes three fins on the bottom of the board. This is the most used setup worldwide, and is a versatile option for different circumstances. The middle fin in this setup is closest to the tail of the board and is symmetrical on both sides, which ensures stability. The outer fins are pointed to the middle and are flat on the inside, generating speed. The three fins in a thruster setup are all the same sizes, in contrast to a twin + 1 setup, where the outer fins are larger than the centre fin. Check out the thruster fin sets from FCS, Future fins, Captain Fin and Eurofins! A thruster fin setup also gives you the opportunity for various setups, such as a single fin setup or twin fin setup.

    A thruster setup also gives you the option to surf your board as a single fin or twin fin!

    Check the Ultimate Surfboard Fin Guide for more information!

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