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    Quiksilver Marlin - Softtop surfboard
    € 380.00 for € 342.00
    Quiksilver Break - Softtop surfboard
    € 448.95 for € 404.06
    Quiksilver Break - Softtop surfboard
    € 428.95 for € 386.06
    Roxy Fish foam FCS thruster - Surfboard
    € 469.95 for € 422.96
    Softech Bomber
    € 354.95

    Softtop Surfboard

    A softtop surfboard is great if you just started surfing. This board is perfect for beginners, due to its high floatability and stability. The material of this board is soft, which makes them a safe and friendly beginners board. Soft boards are perfect for surfing small waves or whitewash. Check for example the soft boards of Softech and Catch.

    However, softboards aren’t only for beginners! There’s also soft boards for professional surfers. These boards look like shortboards, but have a soft top and have much more volume. This way, these boards have both a softboard’s stability and floatability, while still having a shortboards manoeuvrability. These boards are perfect for experienced surfers, that want to enjoy smaller waves. Or when they just don’t feel like paddling a lot. Pyzel offers great boards like this. Check them out!

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