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    Torq TET Longboard
    From€ 598.95

    Surf Longboards

    The length of longboards ranges from around 8’0 to 10’0. There are two types of longboards: the well-known nose rider and the performance longboard. The performance longboard is a board that is easily turned and steered. This board receives more speed from waves, which enables easy manoeuvring. Nose riding is a traditional surf style. The nose rider is perfect for surfing even the tiniest waves, due to its high amount of foam throughout the whole board. Check, for example, the noserider longboards of brands such as Indio, CJ Nelson or Modern Retro.

    Compared to the noserider, the performance longboard has less volume, is narrower and has a larger rocker. Besides, the performance longboard usually has multiple fins, in contrast to the single fin noseriders. With a performance longboard, you are able to surf steeper waves and perform shortboard-like tricks. Both types of longboards allow you to sit out further and catch waves early.

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