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    Surf Wax Accessories

    In addition to wax, we also have accessories that complement it, such as wax remover and a wax comb.

    When old wax builds up, your board becomes heavier and you will have less grip. That is why it is important to provide your board with some love and a fresh layer of wax once in a while. With this, a wax remover and a wax comb are your best friends! The wax comb has two sides: a scraper and a comb. First, use the scraper to remove old wax from your board and then the comb to comb out old wax. A good tip to make this process easier for you: leave your board out for a few minutes in the sun and the wax will soften.

    Check here our Wax Guide for applying and removing wax.

    We also have a handy wax container, in which you can store your wax block(s). These containers come with a handy wax comb.

    The Creatures multi-tool consists of a fin key, wax comb and a bottle opener.

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