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    Surf Bag

    Surf bag

    We all know the concept of a backpack, But what makes a surf backpack so special? The advantage of it lies in the fact that it is waterproof. This is super handy if you don’t have time to dry your wetsuit properly and need to take it home wet. The waterproof nature of a surf backpack means you can easily take your wetsuit with you, and not leave a trail of salt water or sand behind you.

    Having said that, it also works the other way around. Perhaps, you need to keep your belongings dry while you go out surfing. You can keep your wetsuit on for your ride home, your surf bag on your back, and know it will all be dry when you reach your destination. Besides surfing, your surf backpack can join you while SUP’ing, canoeing, or on boat excursions. Let’s not forget how useful it is on Dutch rainy days. In short, your belongings stay dry in all weather conditions!

    The surf bags from Quicksilver have a storage capacity of 20 litres. This is more than enough for your wetsuit and surf accessories combined. These bags also come with a small front pocket for your essentials, and a side pocket for your water bottle. Convinced? Then check out our Quicksilver surf bags here.

    Looking for a surf bag with that extra touch? The Northcore C Mat is both a wetsuit bag and a changing mat in one! Not only is it very handy to transport your wetsuit, but this surf bag also transforms into a mat you can stand on while you change. This is ideal for keeping your feet and your surroundings clean, but also your feet nice and warm when the ground is too cold in winters.

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