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    Tahe (BIC) 7'0 Egg Surf Package Deal
    € 484.95 for € 399.95
    Tahe (BIC) 8'4 Magnum Surf Package Deal
    € 554.95 for € 455.00
    Tahe (BIC) 7'9 Malibu Surf Package Deal
    € 494.95 for € 409.95
    Tahe Magnum 8'4 DURA-TEC
    € 428.95 for € 364.95
    Tahe Mini Malibu 7'3 DURA-TEC
    € 328.95 for € 299.95
    Tahe Egg 7'0 DURA-TEC
    € 348.95 for € 315.00
    Tahe Mini Longboard 7'6 DURA-TEC
    € 408.95 for € 359.95

    Beginner Surfboard

    You’ve surfed a couple of times and got stoked? Or you have zero experience and would like to start surfing? A beginners board would be perfect for you!
    If you have just started surfing, it’s very important to use a board that suits your level, especially in the first few months (sometimes years). In the beginning this is usually a board with enough length, width and thickness. These aspects give your board a lot of volume (buoyancy), which makes catching waves easy! This is important because “They who do not catch waves, do not learn how to surf”. Therefore, we advise you to pick a soft board or a fun board.

    For a complete set, check the package deals of Indio and Tahe!

    For expert advice, or simply an honest opinion, you can always ask a question via the website or visit one of our shops!

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