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    Sunscreen & Lotions

    TENUE Suncreen
    € 19.95
    TENUE Sunscreen
    € 29.95

    Sunscreen & lotions

    An indispensable accessory for every surfer and sun-lover is sunscreen! Not only can the sun be strong when you go surfing abroad, but The Netherlands also sometimes has bright sun rays. When you are in the water, you are more exposed to the sun. That is why the use of sunscreen is crucial when you go surfing. Wearing sunscreen allows you to surf longer and thus have more fun, so regular application applies! Believe us, a sunburnt face or lips is no fun when mixed with salt water. Luckily at Hartbeach, we offer a variety of sunscreen brands from brands such as Island Tribe, Byron Bay, Sun Bum, We Are Feel Good Inc., and Naïf. These brands provide sunscreen for both adults and children.

    If the sun is very strong, such as in the summer, you can also use an extra zinc sunscreen on your face. This is commonly applied to the places that burn the fastest, for example your cheeks, forehead or nose. The brand SeventyOne has zinc sticks in a variety of colours, so you can look your coolest! Do you prefer sunscreen that is naturally biodegradable? Then Green Bush has a sunscreen that is both good for people and nature.

    Let’s not forget about your luscious lips either! The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your face and therefore burns faster. Green Bush and Sun Bum have a sunscreen especially for your lips, which come in a handy stick. Whether you are surfing or sunbathing, you will want to take good care and moisturise your skin in the evening. An aftersun lotion is your best friend in this, and helps your skin feel nice and cool. Take a look at Naïf, Sun Bum and Island Tribe here.

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